5th International Advanced Technologies Symposium

By means of this symposium it is aimed to form a common platform where  the scientists giving importance to the international cooperation and  working in the universities and institutions related to the fields of electronics,  computer,material, automotive,energy and environment ,and the entrepreneurs aiming to produce highly qualified products  supported with advanced technologies can meet.

Wishing to meet in Karabük where the 1st Steel and Iron Factory of Turkey was established and famous for its natural beauties and in Safranbolu which is one of the nine cultural values and has been in the list of the World Heritage Cities  of UNESCO since 17 December 1994 and at Karabük University which will have celebrated its 2nd  foundation anniversary by June 2009 and at the 5th   International Advanced Technology Symposium to be held at Karabük University where scientific researches will be encouraged ,technological policies will be formed and put into practice ,and the data formed after a long researches by the scientists will be accessible.

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5th International Advanced Technologies Symposium
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