The demand for  the usage of technological and technical products in the daily life has been increasing rapidly. By the application of the technologies developed by Research and Development(R&D) studies and the innovative technologies to the production methods, the new products presented in the global market, have been defined as improvement tools(instruments ) for the countries aiming to get share from the global market to improve their economy. 

In order to take part and get share in the global market consisting of highly qualified products supported with advanced technologies, it is necessary that the representatives of the industrial and service sectors should cooperate with the academicians on the same platform by defining their short, medium and long term goals.

By means of this symposium it is aimed to form a common platform where  the scientists giving importance to the international cooperation and  working in the universities and institutions related to the fields of electronics,  computer,material, automotive,energy and environment ,and the entrepreneurs aiming to produce highly qualified products  supported with advanced technologies can meet.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of the Advanced Technology Symposiums where the Research and Development studies were displayed, shared and discussed  were as follows;

1st, İstanbul Technical University  8-10 March 1995
2nd, Marmara  University 8-10 March 1999
3rd, Gazi University 18-20 August 2003 and
4th, Selçuk University 28-30 September 2005

The 5th International Advanced Technologies Symposium to be held at Karabük University on 13-15 May 2009 has been supported actively by Karabük University,Fatih University,İstanbul Arel University,Qafqaz University ,Epoka University and International University of Sarajevo.

Wishing to meet in Karabük where the 1st Steel and Iron Factory of Turkey was established and famous for its natural beauties and in Safranbolu which is one of the nine cultural values and has been in the list of the World Heritage Cities  of UNESCO since 17 December 1994 and at Karabük University which will have celebrated its 2nd  foundation anniversary by June 2009 and at the 5th   International Advanced Technology Symposium to be held at Karabük University where scientific researches will be encouraged ,technological policies will be formed and put into practice ,and the data formed after a long researches by the scientists will be accessible.

Symposium Subjects


Artificial intelligence

Data processing and security

Security of knowledge

Network security

Risk Management

Disturbed systems

Parallel programming

Software programming



Circuit applications and simulations

Medical electronics

Electrical machines

Power electronics

Communication techniques and systems

Signal processing

Optic electronics

Automation and control

Energy production

Electric transmission and distribution



Renewable energy resources

Environmental pollution and control

HVAC and automation

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and automation

Instrumentation systems at heating technique


Fuels and Combustion

New Energy Resources

Engine Technology


Steel and Timber Structures Workgroup

Reinforced Concrete

Theory of Structures


Construction Management

Building Materials


Metatallurgy of Iron-Steel and Non ferrous Materials

Ceramic, Glass, Refractor

Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials

Coating and Surface Treatment, Heat Treatment

Biomaterials, Nanomaterials



Design and Production  Methods

Mechanical Design and Applications

Engineering Design Methodology and Design Models

Machine Design and Mechanical System Design, Analysis and Damage Formation

Design and Production of Mechanical Systems

Production System Modeling and Simulation

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Flexible and Distributed Manufacturing Systems

Intelligent Systems in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing




Airplane engines

Gas dynamics

Airplane electrics and electronics

Air-vehicle structures and materials

Air-vehicle design

Rocket technology

Air-vehicle noise and emissions

Aerospace structures and materials

Aerospace defence sysytems

Flight Performance

Aeronautics & Space Eng. Edu.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts must be composed of maximum 200 words, and must not contain schemes or tables. Abstracts must be submitted via the Online Transactions Module in our web site until 30th September. The approval list will be announced in our web site and also the authors will be informed with e-mail in 24th October 2008.

Final Manuscript Submission

The final manuscripts of the accepted abstracts must be submitted via the Online Transactions Module of the web site until 30th December 2008.

Important Dates

30.09.2008 - Abstract Submission Deadline
24.10.2008 - Announcement of the accepted Abstracts
30.12.2008 - Final Manuscripts Due
06.03.2009 - Announcement of the Symposium Program
13-15.05.2009 - Symposium